Steel Building Framing Systems

Enjoy optimal performance and exceptional design flexibility with a full range of framing options available with Kemp Construction. Whether for new construction or renovation, each steel building framing system is custom designed to meet your specifications and local building codes, and using 3D BIM design technology

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Custom Steel Framing Options

Your Kemp metal building can be designed to virtually any desired dimension to achieve the optimal design solution for your building requirements. As a custom metal building manufacturer, we produce a wide array of structural systems,  available in standard and long span options.

Gable - Clear Span Rigid Frame

When large open areas are desired, the clear span rigid frame type is typically the economical choice. Suitable for almost any application, this frame type can be designed as a symmetrical or asymmetrical configuration. It can be used with either cold-form purlins or open web joists.

Gable - Modular Rigid Frame

The modular rigid frame’s interior columns provide multiple spans on wider buildings. This economical frame type makes use of interior load-bearing columns to more evenly distribute the building load. Thus helping to reduce the size of the rafter & columns. It is available in both gable and single slope designs.

Single Slope - Rigid Frame

Available in clear span and modular, the single slope frame design offers a sloping roof in one plane. It is an excellent option when drainage restrictions are an issue. The single slope rigid frame is an economical way of adding to an existing structure. Facades and parapets are often used to give the appearance that all surrounding walls are the same height.


The lean-to steel frame joins to, and is supported by, a main building frame. A very economical way to extend or expand the square footage of a building, it is also a great option when drainage restrictions are an issue. The lean-to frame must be supported on the high side by an adjoining building column.

Tapered Beam - Rigid Frame

Suitable for all types of small buildings that require clear spans. The tapered beam’s straight columns offer maximum efficiency of interior space.Tapered beam frames are ideal for partitioning interior bays and small crane support systems.

Secondary Framing Systems

Roof Secondary Structural

Kemp Construction supplies either cold-formed purlins or our open web bar joist system, Nucor ClearBay® . The decision on which structural members to use will be based on the economy of each member, the roof system used, the product application, or by customer choice at the time of order entry.

Cee Purlin

Zee Purlin

Eave Strut

Nucor ClearBay® Roof Joist System

Nucor ClearBay provides spacious bays of up to 60’, offering the ultimate in versatility and open spaces. It is available with a standard welded bridging, or a bolted option which often leads to faster and more economical construction costs.

Wall Secondary Structural

Girt conditions refer to the method in which horizontal girts are attached to the exterior columns of your building. The decision on which structural members to use will be based on the economy of each member, the wall system used, product application, or by customer choice.

Flush Girt: where no space is provided between the columns and exterior panels, offering maximum floor space
Inset Girt: where minimum air space is provided between the columns and exterior panels
Bypass Girt: makes a continuous run around the outside of a building’s columns, providing an air space equal to girt depth between the columns and exterior panels

Flush Girt

Inset Girt

Bypass Girt

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