Steel Building Colors

We offer a wide-range of color choices in our standard Nucor PVDF and Nucor Siliconized Polyester finish options to enhance the appearance of your building and ensure it meets your vision.

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PVDF Steel Panel Paint Colors

Maximize the Life of Your Steel Panels with Our Fade-resistant, Energy Efficient  PVDF Paint Colors

Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) paint colors by NBS are more than just a color coating… they are vivid and fade resistant coatings with incredible durability. Our environmentally friendly cool technology offers the highest quality materials to help you meet your unique requirements while maximizing the life of your building and saving on energy costs.

PVDF is a revolutionary coating system that consists of PVDF resin, acrylic resin, and ceramic pigments – giving your panels more vibrant, fade-resistant durability. Its photo-chemical resistance to ultraviolet light helps prevent breakdown from the sun’s rays, reducing heat generation and increasing energy-efficient coolness. PVDF coated panels come with a 35 year paint finish warranty.

SP- Silicone Polyester Steel Panel Paint Colors

Steel painted panels that are budget friendly with a desirable appearance.

Nucor Building Systems offers many finishes to match your desired appearance and budget for your steel building. Our Cool rated SP panels are a two-coated paint system that can help reduce cooling costs, budget friendly, and maintain excellent color retention.

Our SP panels feature a 25 year finish warranty. Our SP panels lower your energy costs while extending the life of the structure. This makes SP panels a sensible, practical choice for large warehouses, agricultural structures and commercial buildings.

For high visibility projects requiring even greater fade resistance and durability, our PVDF coated panels offer a more lasting, fade-resistant option.  The acrylic resin with ceramic pigments of our PVDF  gives panels a more vibrant, durable coating that reduces heat generation and increases energy-efficient coolness.

Color Options for Insulated Metal Panels

NBS insulated metal panels benefit from our many years of experience in the metal building industry and the use of our cool coating technology.

Our coatings feature vivid, fade-resistant color, incredible durability and environmentally friendly cool technology originally developed for stealth aircraft in the U.S. military. This is by far the best paint system available on the market for commercial buildings.


Cool Coating Technology

To be considered cool, products must have a solar reflectance of at least 25%. Solar reflectance is the measure of a panel’s ability to not absorb certain wavelengths of the sun. Another important factor is thermal emittance, the measure of a panel’s ability to release heat that it has absorbed. Put these two factors together and you get the solar reflectance index, the measure of a panel’s ability to reflect solar heat.

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