Two Ways Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal

Two Ways Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal


Why Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal

We have recently seen two instances in which components of pre-engineered steel building have been render to scrap metal.

One was legal, and the other due to lack of funds for a project, however, in Kemp Construction’s opinion, both were crimes.

Stealing metal building components for scrap metal cash

Back in February, a man in Fort Wayne, Indiana was arrested for stealing metal building doors worth $6000 for a project being completed for the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

Wisely, a site supervisor who was overseeing the renovation project at the zoo, alerted a scrap metal recycling company called MetalX of the theft as soon as the doors were discovered missing.

How to prevent thief at steel building job sites

PODS for preventing Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal

To help avoid such incidents from occurring metal building contractors can take the following preventative measures.

  1. Invest in a customize mobile work trailer to store tools.
  2. Rent a storage pod for short-term storage of metal building components.
  3. Hire onsite overnight security guards.
  4. Purchase a mobile storage shed.

Saddleback College - New Science Metal Building Construction

Lack of school funding turns steel buildings into metal scrap

In 2014, Saddleback College celebrated the ground opening of its future new Science Building learning center.

Saddleback College turns steel building into scrap metal cash

However, due to its inability to come up with an extra 13 million dollars in funding, the college newspaper called the Lariet has reports the other way steel buildings turn into scrap metal.

In an effort to not throw the contractor under the bus for underestimating the original cost of the pre-engineered metal building the presidnet of the college took responsibility for the funding short fall.

Contractor underestimates the cost of a project

Existing metal buildings and football team to benefit.

The Lariet reports …

Some of the build metal scrap some football equipment

How to prevent underestimating metal building projects.

If you have been reading Kemp Construction blog posts for some time now, you should know that we are an authorized Nucor Building Systems contractor.

As such we are not only excellent at assessing the cost of a project, we are support and double checked by Nucor Build Systems itself prior to issuing a quote.

While we would love to serve you, we only take on projects 90 miles from Nappanee, Indiana.

That said, if you want to avoid turning perfect good metal building components out of a scrap yards, we highly recommend you work with an experiences metal building who is supported but the manufacturer of the components that make up the structure.