5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

Nucor building systems have been the leader in design and manufacture for metal building for 25+ years!

They are dedicated to providing quality building to customers.

You don’t have to take their word for it though; instead decide for yourself with these 5 reasons to select a Nucor building system for your business!

Nucor Building Systems Design Flexibility NBS - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#1 The Design is Flexible

Whether you need a renovation or a whole new system, Nucor building systems custom design your building to fit your specifications and building codes.

However, you can, also, choose from a number of framing systems from our NBS product manual which include:

  • Primary Framing
  • Endwall Framing
  • Secondary Framing
  • Bracing Systems
  • Standard Mezzanines
  • Standard Crane Systems
  • Existing Buidling Tie-In
  • Future Expansions
  • Tilt-up/ Pre-cast Wall
  • Non-Load Bearing Masonry
  • Structural Parapet
  • Auxillary Rafter
  • Lean-to-Rafter
  • Spandrel Beam

Nucor Building Systems Metal Roofing Options - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#2 Long Lasting Roof Design

Who wants to repair their roof year after year?

Nucor Building Systems is the leader in technology and performance and offers you only the best roofing systems.

With years of weathertight, worry free performance, you can be confident in knowing your roof will weather the storm for years to come.

Our metal roof system is raised and designed to float accommodating thermal expansion and contraction.

This means no matter what your roof endures, there is room for it to spread and expand without failing when put to the test.

5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#3 Picture Perfect Wall Panel Designs

Not only do you want your building to hold up against anything, but you want it to be attractive and appealing to your customers as well.

Nucor Building Systems offers you quality and multiple wall panel options for an appealing finish to your building.

You can find multiple colors, gauges, and styles to meet your company need along with cutting edge technology and energy efficiency.

Nucor Building Systems Eco-Friendly Design - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#4 Eco Friendly Designs

Not only do we take pride in offering the best technology money has to buy, but we take pride in preserving the world around us.

NBS Prismatic Skylights harness the sun and offer you a huge energy savings and improved work performance.

These skylights offer 100% light spread throughout the building without glare, spots, or UV damage.

By diffusing the suns natural rays into the prismatic skylights, is reflected into sun beams and spread throughout the entire building.

This cuts down energy costs while providing an eco-friendly way of keeping your building well lit.

Nucor Building Systems Mezzanines and Flooring Designs - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#5 Top of the Line Floor Systems

Nucor Building Systems offers you more than a basic floor design.

In fact, their Ecospan floor systems are designed to be economical, innovative, and easy to install.

With maximum joist spacing, vertical space, and an open web configuration you have the flexibility of HVAC and electrical systems that you just can’t beat.

If you want the flexibility of a building design you love with eco-friendly options and top of the line technology, Nucor Building Systems is here for you!

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