Glass Storefront Doors For Your Commercial Nucor Building Systems Project

The Global preassembled glass door system is completely assembled including glass, all hardware components and subframe (framed opening). Global doors are designed with top quality components and are assembled in our factory-controlled environment. You always get the right door for the right job, ready for immediate, and easy installation.

  • Savings in time, labor, and money
  • Installation time in less than 30 minutes
  • Pre-installed glass in every unit
  • Provides the customer with greater control
    over the installation schedule
  • Full range of options and accessories

The Global Difference

Global Building Products is committed to excellence in the products and services we offer. Each door and
frame component has been carefully selected and designed to meet our high standards of quality.

  • Door sizes: Single (3070) and Double (6070)
  • Bronze Anodized, Clear Anodized, and White Painted finishes
  • Tempered Glass: Single or Insulated
  • Frame can be prepped for several wall conditions:
    • Metal wall application using a flanged header and a 16 gauge, galvanealed steel subframe (framed opening) sized to match girt depth
    • Masonry, block, or poured wall application using existing opening anchors (EOA)
    • Wood frame wall application
  • Push/Pull Hardware (standard)
  • Grade 1 Door Closer
  • Deadbolt with inside thumbturn and outside
    cylinder lock
  • Packaged in heavy-duty wood crating for
    protection during shipping & handling
  • All hardware included for complete installation

Available Options

Global understands the importance of offering options and choices to builders in an ever changing and demanding market.

  • Special Door Sizes
  • Sidelite Options:12″, 18″, and 24″
  • Exit Devices
  • 10″ Bottom Rail
  • Tinted Glass
  • Double Key Locking Cylinder
  • Butt Hinges in lieu of Standard Pivot Hinges
9 Reasons Nucor CFR Roof System Is The Best For Northern Indiana Metal Buildings

9 Reasons Nucor CFR Roof System Is The Best For Northern Indiana Metal Buildings

If you are looking for metal building solutions for your church, business, or agricultural project odds are your have heard of Nucor Building Systems.

If you have not, allow me to introduce it to you.

nucor building systems

Nucor Building Systems is owned by Nucor Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company that produces steel and steel products, and is well known for its ability to manufacture high quality products at very competitive prices.

These stellar attributes apply equally to Nucor Building Systems (NBS).

As a complete building systems manufacturing company, NBS is one of the most flexible and diverse manufacturers in operation today.

nucor building systems metal roof contractor

The Nucor CFR Roof System is a functional roof specifically designed for low slopes.

Kemp Construction is a perennial award-winning installer of Nucor Building systems, in part because of the optimized flexibility of this metal building product.

The Nucor CFR Roof System has been extensively tested to ensure the highest level of performance for weather tightness, as well as, structural integrity.

Nucor CFR roofing system seams examples

The panels have been tested and approved by Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories for wind uplift as well as hail and fire resistance.

Here’s Roofing Contractor’s Magazine explanations of what Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals mean, in layman terms.

InRoofing Contractor Explains Wind- Uplift Test for Nucor CFR System to Kemp Contruction Audience in Northern Indiana

In addition, Underwriter’s Laboratory explains four things they are looking for when testing a building product like the Nucor CFR System.

Nucor CFR Systems UL Hail and Fire Resistance Test Explained to Kemp Contruction Clients in Northern Indiana

As great as all this information is, I still have not given the answer I poses in the title of this blog post:

9 Reasons Nucor CFR Roof System Is The Best.

Well here goes:

Reason #1: The Raised Seam

See, the Nucor CFR System is a raised seam metal roof.

What this means is that the roof is designed to “float” to accomodate thermal expansion and contraction.

Nucor CFR System Sliding Clip - Kemp Construction - Nappanee Indiana 46550
The Nucor CFR Clip is a patented clip designed to provide a high degree of flexibility while maintaining excellent lateral purlin support. To learn more, call (574) 773-4994

This is accomplished with concealed sliding clips which allow for up to 3″ of expansion and contraction.


Reason #2: Hand-Operated Crimping Tool.

The panel sidelap of the Nucor CFR System has factory applied mastic and can be completely erected without the use of electric seaming machines.

Nucor CFR System - Vise Lock - Northern Indiana Metal Building Contractor - Kemp ContructionEvery specialized building contractor has special tool needs.

Just like an electrician needs crimping tools for joining wires,  a metal building contractor typically needs electric seaming machines.

However, Nucor Building Systems offers a hand-operated crimpingtool for seaming, as well as, seaming machine to achieve the Nucor Vise Lock installation option.

In other words, as a builder, Kemp Construction gets to chose which application is most appropriate.

Nucor Roll Lock™, Nucor Vice Lock™, and Nucor Vise Lock 360™ have all been tested to ensure maximum results.

Take a look at the Nucor CFR System Performance Datasheet found here.

Reason #3: Non-Handed System

Nucor CFR System is designed to allow the installer [hopefully you select Kemp Construction], to erect the metal roofing system in either direction.

This provides flexibility to choose the most efficient starting points on the roof.

This save you both time and money.

Additionally, in most cases the roof is installer has the option to either install either the roof or the wall system first.

Crimping Nucor CFR System
Click to watch video of where crimping is required.

Reason #4: Flexible Seaming Options

I lightly mentioned this earlier.

The roof can be completely installed without the use of electric seaming machines. An electric machine is available for use after roof installation when required due to high uplift conditions or specified criteria.

However, the seamer does not have to be run as the panels are installed.

In all cases the roof is installed and hand crimped leaving the electric seaming to be accomplished safely and efficiently as one of the last steps of construction.

Reason # 5 : Wide Range of Insulation Options

According to the Nucor Building System website,

Nucor CFR Insulation Options

The Nucor CFR Roof System is designed to work with a variety of insulation types including fiberglass batts, basic rigid board, and liner decking rigid board.

This offers the builder and owner flexibility when choosing the best system to meet the functional needs of the building.

Nucor CFR roofing system insulated panels

It is recommended that some type of insulation be used with all CFR metal roof systems to prevent wind flutter or damage due to the effects of condensation.

Reason #6: Fasteners Outside The Building

At the eave and rigid locations, fasteners are uniquely placed outside the building envelop, greatly reducing the chance for water penetration into the roof system.

Reason #7: Patented Panel Splice Detail

Panel splices have been designed with a patented system to occur away from the purlin or joist so that normal tolerance found in construction will not hinder installation of the Nucor CFR System.

The continuous end-lap design provides continuity, as well as, reduced handling of panels during installation.

Nucor CFR roofing system weather tight

Reason #8: Factor Dimpled and Notched

Nucor CFR Roof System panels are factory dimpled and notched to aid the installer in providing your metal building project with a weather tight fit.

Dimples indicate fastener placement at the end lap and aid against fastener “walking”.

Nucor CFR roofing system seams

Reason #9: Solid Seam Design

The metal roofing system seam profile is intentionally “stout” to provide flexibility in the field, as well as, a positive lock by the electric seamer, when the seamer is required.

This all but eliminates the possibility of the seamer malfunctioning and damaging the seam as can occur with older “Pittsburgh-style” seams.


Hopefully, I have helped you see why I believe Nucor CFR Roof System is the best.

That said, there are four other Nucor Metal Building System options.

Metal roof options Nucor

Please use the comment section below to tell us which roof system you like best, and why.



Largest SkyWest Hangar – Nucor Building System Clear Span

Largest SkyWest Hangar – Nucor Building System Clear Span


SkyWest Airlines, which flies out of all major Idaho airports, will add an airplane maintenance facility at an existing Jackson Jet Center hangar at the Boise Airport and will decide by the end of the summer whether to add a larger facility in Boise.

The was the first line of the Idaho Business Review on June 16, 2014.

Kemp Construction - Boise Idaho Nucor CFR Standing Seam Roof

SkyWest, headquartered in St. George, Utah, is a leading air service provider, and partner to some of the world’s largest network carriers including United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

With a fleet of 346 aircraft, and a team of more than 10,500 aviation professionals, SkyWest operates approximately 1,900 flights each day to nearly 200 destinations throughout North America.

In September of 2014, SkyWest announced its intention to build a new aircraft maintenance facility at the municipally-owned Boise Airport in Boise, Idaho.
The $20 million project, which qualified for a $1.3 million Tax Reimbursement Incentive from the state of Idaho, consists of 100,000 sq. ft. of hangar space with 35,000 sq. ft. of office space.

Big D Builders, an Authorized Nucor Builder, worked closely with the City of Boise and SkyWest to assess customer needs and design a solution that meets expectations.

Boise Airport - Nucor Building System Press ReleaseAccording to a press release issued by Sean Briggs, Boise Idaho Airport Marketing Manager, and published on the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce website:

When the project is fully staffed, the economic impact to the state of Idaho will include new total wages in excess of $5.4 million a year and new sales and income tax revenues for the state of approximately $350,000 a year. The projected average annual wage is $52,000, well above the average in Ada County.

With a required clear span of nearly 400′, Nucor’s TrussFrame open web rafter system was a perfect fit for the SkyWest project.

Production began in July of 2014 at Nucor Building Systems’ Utah division.

The hangar boasts a clear span width of 362′ 4″ – the largest span in the Pacific Northwest region in a pre-engineered metal building – and is 365′ in depth. Its TrussFrame rafters, fabricated by Vulcraft, are 15′ deep, allowing for integrated mechanical, electrical, and sprinkler systems, as well as unimpeded overhead clearance of 62′.

The solid web columns supporting the TrussFrame rafter system are an imposing 10′ in depth.

Nucor Building Systems worked with hangar door manufacturer Norco to integrate their product seamlessly with the Nucor building, and meet the needs of the customer.

Kemp Construction - Boise Idaho Nucor Reverse Classic Wall System - 3D hanger videoThe building’s exterior is finished with Nucor’s CFR™ standing seam roof panels, and Nucor Reverse Classic™ wall panels.

In all, 1100 tons of Nucor steel went into the fabrication and construction of the SkyWest Hangar at Boise Airport.

The entire building project took less than sixteen months from concept to completion.

SkyWest took delivery of the finished maintenance facility at its grand opening ceremony on August 24, 2015, a mere ten months after breaking ground at the Boise Airport.

Boise Mayor David Bieter said,

…In just 16 months, this project went from idea to ribbon cutting and I couldn’t be more proud of the partners who worked to pull it together. Bringing high paying jobs like those at this facility is one way we are working to make Boise the most livable city in the country.

Those in attendance at the opening included SkyWest’s Operations Manager, Mayor David Bieter of Boise, and Idaho Governor Butch Otter.

Marisa Snow, SkyWest Airport Director wrote on the Boise Airport website — “McAlvain Construction broke ground last October, completing the project in less than a year. The hangar is the largest pre-manufactured clear-span metal building in the Pacific Northwest.”

McAlvin touted the same on its website: “Earlier in 2014, SkyWest Airlines issued an RFQ to design/build contractors for its new Aircraft Maintenance Hangar to be constructed here in Boise, Idaho.” …

Similar to Kemp Construction’s approach, and for that matter every authorized Nucor Building System contractor — McAlvin goes on, … “During the proposal stage of this design/build project, a preliminary estimate was created based on a single sketch of a floor plan.  With a multiple array of projects in McAlvain’s past experience, we were able to successfully and confidently present a realistic budget with little more than a concept.  With the design phase at its end, we have proven this original budget was realistic and have been able to add scope and value engineering opportunities.”

The project has garnered some local media. The awesome custom Nucor Building System frame facility has been featured by Boise Weekly and discuss SkyScraper Forum.

SkyWest Media

“We’re excited to have a new, state-of-the-art facility in Boise to help us keep our fleet in top condition,” said Bill Dykes, SkyWest’s Vice President of Maintenance.

If you of a larger or small airport manager in and around the Michiana region, and you are looking for metal building contractor to something similar using the Nucor Building System, please let Kemp Construction know.