Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again

Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again

The only thing more common then the Patriots going to the Super Bowl again is Elkhart County metal building contractor Kemp Construction winning a top sales / top performance builder award from NUCOR Building Systems.

The first time Kemp Construction won the award was in 2009, the year Tom Brady had 5 touchdowns in a single quarter.

Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again

Then, after a brief dry spell, Rod Kemp and his team at Kemp Construction got on a roll.

In 2014, the Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor won an award for its construction of the Industrial Door building.

Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again

Kemp Construction followed that up by winning to awards in 2015. (1) for outstanding sales and (2) for another photo selection of Nucor Building Systems project in Elkhart County.Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again

Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again


Now, the Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again of the project completed in 2016 for Dented Deals, a discount grocery store.

Elkhart County Metal Building Contractor Wins Again

In addition to winning awards, Kemp Construction


The Best Metal Building Contractor in Michiana – Guaranteed!

The Best Metal Building Contractor in Michiana – Guaranteed!

Are you looking for a Metal Building Contractor in Michiana and the surrounding area?

If so, Kemp Construction is a must have name on your short list of potential steel building contractor partners.

Best Metal Building Contractor in Michiana

Kemp Construction is considered one of the best metal building contractors in Michiana for several reasons:

We understand that hiring a pre-fab building contractor is a serious decision.

And, we recognized you only want to work with a trusted company that has a proven track record of success.

When you choose to work with Kemp Construction you will gain peace of mind in our company’s track record.

You’ll be able to rest assured knowing that the best metal building contractor in Michiana is on the job.

We are proud of our local Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan presence.

Kemp Construction is ready and available to meet with you at your site and provide you with an estimate for any or all of the following metal building construction services:

  • Concrete Work
  • Building Erection
  • Turnkey Services

But, that’s not all.

Best Commercial Construction Company in south Bend Indiana

The Best Metal Building Brand Too!

See, at Kemp Construction we couple to best metal building service, knowledge, and expertise with the industry leading products lines of Nucor Building Systems.

Nucor Building Systems provides a complete product line of pre-engineered metal buildings with long bay specialties; a management and workforce team with countless years of building systems experience.
Nucor building Systems itself is listed as an active board memeber of the Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association, and via our exclusive relationship with Nucor Building Systems as an authorized dealer and metal building contractor we are listed as board members of the Metal Building Contractors and Erector Association.


Our team of metal building experts would love to arrange a meeting with you to discuss and listen to your building site needs.

Call Now! (574) 773-4994

P.S. –

If you need a high profile commercial electrician, we recommend Kemp Electric; [full disclosure – we are related].

Also, if you are looking for Michiana’s best residential building contractor – contact Unlimited Construction.


6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

Making decisions is tough especially when you don’t know why something is better than another.

Metal buildings come in many different choices, but nothing quite compares to a Prefab metal building.

Here are 6 reasons a Prefab metal building is best for you!

6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

#1 They Save You Time

Let’s face it; time is of the essence in this day and age.

When it comes to manufacturing a building quickly, Prefab metal buildings are delivered quickly to your site.

Not only is the building manufactured and delivered quickly, but Prefabricated steel buildings are all pre-cut, drilled, and welded at the factory to save you time in setting up.

Kemp Construction - Save money with Nucor Prefab Metal Building - 6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

#2 Prefab Metal Buildings Save You Money

The prefabricated steel is an inorganic material that doesn’t change shape based on humidity or weather changes like wood does.

This means you don’t spend as much money in repairs and can put more money into the business itself.

Of course, Prefab buildings save you money in other areas as well:

  • The construction saves money because the building is done in one-third less time than other construction jobs.
  • All framing is already done in the factory, therefore, you don’t spend money on buying the product you don’t use.
  • Insurance companies offer you discounts for durable buildings that are less likely to deteriorate.
  • You save on energy costs because buildings provide a controlled climate.

6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

#3 Metal Buildings Are Less Hassle

A Prefab metal building is maintenance free and saves you hassles in the future as well as in the present.

You get a 25 to 30-year guarantee that painted steel panels will look just as good as they do when you buy them.

You have less hassle for repairs, set up, fire, mold, or any other senseless hassle you would have with an ordinary wood building.

6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

#4 Prefab Metal Buildings Allow for Expansion

When you first start out, you may not know just how big your company is going to get.

Construction costs can be atrocious when expanding a building, but with Prefab metal buildings, it’s cost effective and easy.

You simply order more framing to attach to either end of your building.

So, as your business expands, so can your building.

6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

#5 You Get Quality

Though you may want a cost-effective building, quality is always something to look for.

Prefab metal buildings are not only durable enough to weather through any climate, but they are less likely to be destroyed by fire, storm, or animals.

When it comes to getting what you pay for, Prefab metal buildings offer you the quality you can’t resist.

Kemp Construction - Nappanee - Indiana - 28641 CR 50 - 46550 - 6 Reasons Choosing a Prefab Metal Building is Best

#6 Work With Top Building Contractors

This is especially true if you select a Nucor Building System.

They are committed to only working with the best prefab metal building engineers.

This is one of the main reasons Kemp Construction works exclusively with them.


When it comes to a business mindset, Prefab metal buildings are cost-effective, timely, and offer you more than a typical wood building.

If you want a building that lasts and the convenience of less hassle, the Prefab metal building is the best option!

Want to discuss a project? Here ideas or comments? Please let us know.

5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

Nucor building systems have been the leader in design and manufacture for metal building for 25+ years!

They are dedicated to providing quality building to customers.

You don’t have to take their word for it though; instead decide for yourself with these 5 reasons to select a Nucor building system for your business!

Nucor Building Systems Design Flexibility NBS - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#1 The Design is Flexible

Whether you need a renovation or a whole new system, Nucor building systems custom design your building to fit your specifications and building codes.

However, you can, also, choose from a number of framing systems from our NBS product manual which include:

  • Primary Framing
  • Endwall Framing
  • Secondary Framing
  • Bracing Systems
  • Standard Mezzanines
  • Standard Crane Systems
  • Existing Buidling Tie-In
  • Future Expansions
  • Tilt-up/ Pre-cast Wall
  • Non-Load Bearing Masonry
  • Structural Parapet
  • Auxillary Rafter
  • Lean-to-Rafter
  • Spandrel Beam

Nucor Building Systems Metal Roofing Options - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#2 Long Lasting Roof Design

Who wants to repair their roof year after year?

Nucor Building Systems is the leader in technology and performance and offers you only the best roofing systems.

With years of weathertight, worry free performance, you can be confident in knowing your roof will weather the storm for years to come.

Our metal roof system is raised and designed to float accommodating thermal expansion and contraction.

This means no matter what your roof endures, there is room for it to spread and expand without failing when put to the test.

5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#3 Picture Perfect Wall Panel Designs

Not only do you want your building to hold up against anything, but you want it to be attractive and appealing to your customers as well.

Nucor Building Systems offers you quality and multiple wall panel options for an appealing finish to your building.

You can find multiple colors, gauges, and styles to meet your company need along with cutting edge technology and energy efficiency.

Nucor Building Systems Eco-Friendly Design - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#4 Eco Friendly Designs

Not only do we take pride in offering the best technology money has to buy, but we take pride in preserving the world around us.

NBS Prismatic Skylights harness the sun and offer you a huge energy savings and improved work performance.

These skylights offer 100% light spread throughout the building without glare, spots, or UV damage.

By diffusing the suns natural rays into the prismatic skylights, is reflected into sun beams and spread throughout the entire building.

This cuts down energy costs while providing an eco-friendly way of keeping your building well lit.

Nucor Building Systems Mezzanines and Flooring Designs - 5 Reasons to Select a Nucor Building System

#5 Top of the Line Floor Systems

Nucor Building Systems offers you more than a basic floor design.

In fact, their Ecospan floor systems are designed to be economical, innovative, and easy to install.

With maximum joist spacing, vertical space, and an open web configuration you have the flexibility of HVAC and electrical systems that you just can’t beat.

If you want the flexibility of a building design you love with eco-friendly options and top of the line technology, Nucor Building Systems is here for you!

What are you waiting for?

Need A Metal Building Quote from a contractor

Get in touch with Kemp Construction to start your award-winning Nucor Building System project, today!

9 Things To Know About Commercial Metal Buildings

9 Things To Know About Commercial Metal Buildings

It should comes as no surprise that pre-engineered commercial metal building make great industrial structures of both large and small businesses.

These prefabricated structures can be built to provide a tool manufacturer with housing for its factories, accounting firms with offices, or even warehouse and showroom combo for an RV distributor.

The point is, among the many reasons to hire a metal building contractor for your commercial project, one of the best reasons to choose metal buildings over wood or brick is the flexibility to customize the commercial structure for whatever purpose you need.

Startup companies face unique challenges and typically need options that are flexible and can adapt to a company that will inevitably change as well. Here are just a few reasons commercial steel buildings are perfect for startups.

1 & 2) Privacy & Ownership

Often times with commercial space, newer companies rent office space from other owners because they don’t have the funds right away to build their own facilities. As a business grows, they’ll hire more people and just generally need more space and privacy. Prefab steel buildings are a great option when weighed against leasing or renting for long periods of time.

3) Cost

Startup companies may or may not have to funds in the early stages to build their own offices, but when they eventually reach that stage it will still be important to ensure the costs are as reasonable as possible.

Particularly if a business only needs a small – but separate – space, steel buildings offer a great alternative to traditionally built structures.

Think of the cost as an investment into your company that will more than pay for itself. Renting a quality location can be expensive, unless it is a incubator / cooperative office set-up and it will never be customized to your particular standards or needs.

Conversely, building your own entire office space with traditional building methods can prove nearly impossible, not to mention the high amount of potential waste production and costs of waste removal.

4 & 5) Ease & Speed Of Construction

In addition to its cost effectiveness, prefab buildings are simple enough to put together that they can be constructed in a number of weeks instead of months.

This bodes well for startup companies who, depending on the market and niche, can progress very quickly and experience a boom in sales, production, staffing or other development.

Prefab steel buildings are perfect in accommodating that type of rapid movement, having the ability to be finished in a short span of time to house a growing company.

6) Environmentally Friendly

More than ever, startups are starting to be environmentally conscious regardless of industry.

As environmental issues with wasted resources and energy continue to come to the forefront, more startups are beginning to place greater importance on offices that use energy in smarter ways than before. With virtually waste-free construction, steel prefab buildings already have an advantage in this area.

7) Flexibility

Steel prefab gives you more flexibility in terms of where your offices, branches or headquarters are located.

Instead of renting, leasing or purchasing an existing structure that may not only be outside of your budget but also far outside your preferred location.

With prefab steel structures, long commutes or uprooting your business to a brand new city may be a thing of the past.

The interiors can be insulated and finished in a wide variety of ways and can easily transform into a space that is truly reflective of the company, branding and personal tastes.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a pre-fab metal building:

What is the main purpose of the commercial metal buildings you are considering?

  • Automotive Repair Buildings
  • Industrial Parks
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Multi-Level Buildings
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Recycling Centers
  • Stations and Terminals
  • Steel Crane Buildings

What are the dimensions of your prospective commercial steel structure?

Weight = End Wall

Length = Side Wall

Height = Eave

What type of shape would you like  you Commercial Metal Buildings to be?

Future Expansion

Roof Insulation

Wall Insulation

Will your own land / Will your lease?

Pro install / DIY




8) Cost of upkeep

9) Ergonomics





Two Ways Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal

Two Ways Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal


Why Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal

We have recently seen two instances in which components of pre-engineered steel building have been render to scrap metal.

One was legal, and the other due to lack of funds for a project, however, in Kemp Construction’s opinion, both were crimes.

Stealing metal building components for scrap metal cash

Back in February, a man in Fort Wayne, Indiana was arrested for stealing metal building doors worth $6000 for a project being completed for the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo.

Wisely, a site supervisor who was overseeing the renovation project at the zoo, alerted a scrap metal recycling company called MetalX of the theft as soon as the doors were discovered missing.

How to prevent thief at steel building job sites

PODS for preventing Steel Buildings Turn Into Scrap Metal

To help avoid such incidents from occurring metal building contractors can take the following preventative measures.

  1. Invest in a customize mobile work trailer to store tools.
  2. Rent a storage pod for short-term storage of metal building components.
  3. Hire onsite overnight security guards.
  4. Purchase a mobile storage shed.

Saddleback College - New Science Metal Building Construction

Lack of school funding turns steel buildings into metal scrap

In 2014, Saddleback College celebrated the ground opening of its future new Science Building learning center.

Saddleback College turns steel building into scrap metal cash

However, due to its inability to come up with an extra 13 million dollars in funding, the college newspaper called the Lariet has reports the other way steel buildings turn into scrap metal.

In an effort to not throw the contractor under the bus for underestimating the original cost of the pre-engineered metal building the presidnet of the college took responsibility for the funding short fall.

Contractor underestimates the cost of a project

Existing metal buildings and football team to benefit.

The Lariet reports …

Some of the build metal scrap some football equipment

How to prevent underestimating metal building projects.

If you have been reading Kemp Construction blog posts for some time now, you should know that we are an authorized Nucor Building Systems contractor.

As such we are not only excellent at assessing the cost of a project, we are support and double checked by Nucor Build Systems itself prior to issuing a quote.

While we would love to serve you, we only take on projects 90 miles from Nappanee, Indiana.

That said, if you want to avoid turning perfect good metal building components out of a scrap yards, we highly recommend you work with an experiences metal building who is supported but the manufacturer of the components that make up the structure.